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Both companies Torfo and TorfpromExport have their own peat bogs

We have our own peat bogs so that we are able to offer our clients a wide product range of raw materials

We are able to offer milled white and sod peat in all qualities and structures. Even during long periods of bad weather we are still able to provide a high delivery capability.

All our raw material products  can be filled in different packaging sizes, as well as loaded as bulk in ships or trucks.

Milled Peat Torfo logo

White Peat

TP2 White Peat
(0-10 mm)
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TP3 White Peat
(0-20 mm)
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TP4 White Peat
(0-40 mm)
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Milled Peat Torfprom logo

White Peat

Standard White Peat
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